Travel2SA campaign aims to woo visitors to ‘rainbow nation’

By John Eche


Echoes of Xenophobia have resurfaced among Nigerian social media users following the launch of a new travel campaign designed to woo Nigerian and other travelers to South Africa.

The campaign, which is being promoted on Twitter, using the hashtag: Travel2SA‏ is inviting interested travellers to ‘Experience the time of your lives in SA, visit  now! #Travel2SA’

Commenting on the promotion however, FAVOUR ONYEOZIRI‏ @Rouvafe, noted: ‘Before you start trending #Travel2SA on 9ja Twitter, you need to #StopXenophobia first!’

On his part, Henrikachi‏ @Henrikachi remarked: ‘When Nigerians see #Travel2SA trending. “Seems they need new batch of people to lynch”. #Xenophobia.’

Eric Okafor‏ @KneWKeeD is also not impressed: ‘I just opened this trending hashtag #Travel2SA and it has nothing on it ?’

It is a similar sentiment from Honourable Ochanya‏ @LipsyOchie who remarks: ‘#Travel2SA Would have loved to be in SA for vacation, but I’m dead scared of your xenophobic attack???’

A softer line however comes from Paul Okoduwa‏ @paul_okoduwa who comments: ‘one of my best destination ever, its all about the fun and family here  #Travel2SA.’

There have been a spate of xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa in the past few years with Nigerians having been increasingly targeted.




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