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You are brave to do book on Buhari, author told



Book makes strident case for war against corruption

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By Vicky Bricks


A Nigerian author, Mr Sunday Abbah has been commended for taking up the challenge of doing a book on the present administration even when it is still in office.

Titled BUHARI AND THE CHALLENGE OF GOVERNING A PEOPLE UNITED BY CORRUPTION, the book underscores the centrality of the war against corruption in the Buhari governance agenda.

Prominent Nigerians including barristers, doctors, pastors, academics assembled at the International Press Conference Centre, in Lagos for the launch of a book, ‘Buhari and the challenge of governing a people united by corruption’ , authored by a patriotic Nigerian, Mr Sunday Abbah to define corruption in both attitudinal, scientific and natural ways leaving it’s leaders with clear understanding of the challenges of corruption and of governing a people united by it.

Among the launchers who graced the occasion were Mr Debo Adeniran, Mr. Ibohu Jonathan, a representative of Barrister Monday Ubani, Doctor Taiwo Awoshika and Pastor Friday Oronobi.

At the event, the representative of Barrister Monday Ubani, the reviewer of the 112- page book read out the review written by his principal using the forum to explain corruption as a virus that has eaten deep into the country and the only way to fight it is to amend our ways.

He said, the book is a challenge to every Nigerian and is also an attempt to correct an impression regarding the present mishap in the country.

He said ” If we have a rule of law that is not helping us to develop or live in peace, we must change the rule or become victims of it. The solution and indeed the best way to fight corruption is to change the people involved in it and this can be done by eliminating the process that lead to top criminal elements or we are bound to face corruption.

He, however, explained further when asked to butress his view on what he meant by spreading the right information as one of the ways to eradicate corruption.

According to him ” I am a Christian and there’s a place in the bible which says that evil communication corrupts good manners and this explains the fact that when the right information is placed in the mind of Nigerians, it would help to certify their minds and change their mind perception concerning the country.

Individuals at the top levels of power are actually the problem and I want to use this medium to advise the president and his ministers to be proactive when dealing with corruption. The fundamental ways to clearing the virus is to amend our ways . Do we practice what we preach?

We should not allow religion to blackmail and intimidate our reasoning but rather we should use it as a weapon to fight corruption in different ways”.

Barrister Debo also made vital points in the occasion saying that though he hasn’t really reviewed the book but he must commend the author for taking this bold step. “Once you single yourself out as not given to corruption, you are isolated” he said.

He added that ” we need to tell ourselves what corruption means and any act of dishonesty is corruption.

Buhari has made himself a victim of moral crisis. What Buhari didn’t do was to move from what was known to what was not known”.

When asked a question concerning the current recession he said ” the recession has always been there, it’s just that it is ravaging at this stage”.

“What the writer has done is to implant an internal seed that cannot be destroyed. Corruption penetrates everywhere and it has backups. Corruption cannot be eliminated unless everyone put their minds together and agree that they want to eliminate corruption”. He also went back to the olden days saying;

” We have lived with corruption for more than 100years. The white men came at first to corrupt our traditional rulers, they deceived them and made us deviate from our traditional values. Gone are the days that one cannot be dishonest because the gods such as Ogun, Olodumare will strike you dead. Our traditional values Has been neglected, the one that says you should not take bribe has been neglected, the one that says you should not take another persons wife has been neglected. All of those values has be neglected.

We should reclaim and regenerate ourselves and this can be done by determining to keep up the government and one thing you should know is that, you cannot kill corruption, you can only paralize it. We are the one to answer our own questions and take hold of this leadership”.

He finally added that “if we want to fight corruption that the ball is on our court and we are the ones to start the fight against corruption.



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