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Young authors present book, Wellbeing on Friday



Young authors present book, Wellbeing, on Friday



By Ada Anioji



Four young authors, all graduàting pupils of iRead network and iRise school, Igando, Lagos are billed to present their book of children’s stories, Wellbeing, in Lagos on Friday, The Difference reports.


The children are Iretomiwa Elizabeth Fatukasi, Rani Cherish Abraham, Sophie Mawena Aji-Afanu and Okikiola Toyibat Adewoye.


Wellbeing is a collection of stories focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs and how children can contribute to making the world a better place.


The unveiling of the book takes place on Friday 15 July 2022 at the American Corner, Ikeja from 11-1pm.


Iretomiwa Elizabeth Fatukasi was born on the 6th of July 2011. She attends iRise Model School, Igando, Lagos. She was elected the library prefect because of her leadership skills and love for reading. She enjoys drawing and writing stories.


According to the young author, her story in the collection, ‘Malaria’ was easy to write because of the reality in the environment she lives and also because of her former English teacher, Ms Yemisi Tijani, always encouraged her to write creatively. She has over 6 unpublished stories.


Her most memorable moment till date, she also recounts was when she attended the Green Festival at the Lagos Book and Art Festival, Lagos.


Ire wants to become an artist and a famous fashion designer.


On her part, Rani Cherish Abraham was born on 8th January, 2011. She is the Time prefect of iRise Model School, Igando, Lagos. She loves reading, moulding, drumming and swimming.


Her love for writing inspired her to tackle a societal menace of child-marriage. Why should girls be subjected to early marriage when they can get good education and make better decisions? As she recollects, it was the book; The World We Want, given to her from the stock in the iRead Mobile Library, inspired her to write her now published story, Marriage is not for Girls.


Rani’s most memorable moment till date came when she met the Drector General of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC, Dr John Asein and other dignitaries at Sheraton Hotels during the International Intellectual Property Day hosted by the USA Embassy, and where she and her classmates made a presentation. She would like to become an actor and dancer.


Sophie Mawena Aji-Afanu was born on 20th May, 2012. She is the Assistant Library prefect at iRise Model School, Igando Lagos. She loves singing, dancing and creating crafts. Sophie believes that every child should get good education as well as handiwork. She was inspired to write her story; The Skill Acquisition Centre, because she sees poor adults who dont have jobs and she wonders why they cannot learn a vocational skill to get out of poverty. At iRead camp, she learnt several skills through reusing wastes to create footwear, hair accessories,  bags and crafts which she sells for good amount. No-one should be poor, she admonishes.


Her most memorable moment was when the DG, NCC pledged to publish her first book. She was also excited to meet BB of Big Brother Nigeria and Frank Edoho of the Who wants to be a millionaire fame at the International IP event hosted by the USA Embassy. She wants to become a lawyer like Tanya Hill.


The fourth contributor, Okikiola Toyibat Adewoye was born on 15th March, 2011. She is the Head prefect at iRise Model School Igando, Lagos. She loves singing, reading and styling hair. Okiki’s story, the Mobile Library, was inspired because she sees so many children hawking along her street while she is heading to or returning from school. She believes every community should have a mobile Library so children can have more access to books as well as quality education.


Her most memorable moment was when she represented her school in a poetry competition and she won a personal tablet. She wants to become a song-writer and a medical doctor.



The young authors

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