Will he concede or will he swear himself in?

By Nsikan Ikpe


The opposition in Zimbabwe is serving notice that it may soon be making a tough call.

An inference about this emanated from an early morning tweet from its leader and presidential candidate of the Movement for Democratic Change, MDC on Thursday.

He posted:

2 hours ago

Our NEXT move is very crucial for Zimbabwe’s future. Things must change. We’re currently engaging Zimbabweans countrywide on the steps ahead. We’re ready to serve YOU.Tough decisions are about to be made. You decide we abide.Your wish is our command. Your thoughts & ideas ??

Ahead of the unveiling of what the decision is likely to be, the jury in Zimbabwe is already split over whether the choice would be for Mr. Chamisa and the MDC to formally concede defeat or that they would proceed on to arranging an alternative swearing in ceremony for the MDC leader as had recently been the case in Kenya

Mr. Chamisa had lost the disputed presidential elections to incumbent President, Emmerson Mnangagwa of ZANU-PF. A formal challenge at the nation’s apex Constitutional Court of the polls outcome as declared by the Zimbabwe Elections Commission, ZEC had swung in favour of Mnangagwa who was thereafter sworn into office.

Zimbabwe opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa




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