Zimbabwedecides: How many ‘divisions’ has ‘Gucci Grace?’


Monday’s polls would invariably resolve the Mugabe question

By Nsikan Ikpe


As Zimbabwe goes to the polls Monday, the jury is out as to the final factors that will ultimately swing the vote for the winner, including the factor of ousted President Robert Mugabe and his ambitious wife, Grace Mugabe, who is referred to in several quarters as ‘Gucci Grace’ on account of her love for the expensive and flamboyant.

Given the facts in the public domain that Grace, as the former First Lady was clearly warming her way into succeeding her husband as President under the banner of the ruling ZANU-PF before his ouster and their combined exit from power, it is evident then why sources have continued to link her with continuing political developments in the country.

Among others there are issues of her being linked with the formation of one of the newest parties in the Zimbabwean political firmament, her alleged relationship with the leading opposition party, the MDC, her being touted as a potential Vice President in the event of a win by the MDC flagbearer, Nelson Chamisa, as well as her alleged involvement with the reported assassination attempt on President Emmerson Mnangagwa a few weeks ago. Whichever way things have gone since the exit of the nonagenarian, Robert Mugabe, from the Zimbabwe presidency months ago, ‘Gucci Grace’ has remained, and indeed continues to remain in the news!

But analysts are also saying that given the tone of debates that have continued to rage in the country over the Mugabes, the outcome of the polls will decide the future of the Mugabes and indeed that of Grace Mugabe. Would she like Jewell Taylor return to power or would she like her other ‘Gucci’ associate, Elena Ceaucescu, be riding the waves elsewhere?


Grace Mugabe, former First Lady of Zimbabwe




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