South Africa waits for outcome of ANC’s emergency session

By Nsikan Ikpe


The refusal of South Africa’s embattled president, Jacob Zuma, to accept the counsel of his party, the African National Congress, ANC and voluntarily stand down from office this week, has sent leaders of the party back to the drawing board.

An emergency meeting on the next step to take was yet underway, Monday, with sources saying that top on the agenda may be a decision to join forces with the opposition in the already scheduled and most critical February 22 No-confidence vote.’

Should Zuma be impeached on that day, he will be the second Southern African leader to be forced out of office within a span of three months.

Zimbabwe’s 37 year leader, the 93-year old Robert Mugabe was ousted at the end of last year.


Embattled President, Jacob Zuma



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